Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all purchases made on The Wildlife Wedding are considered non-refundable. This policy encompasses transactions made by end-customers for products such as ‘E-invites’ and ‘Makeup services,’ as well as purchases made by wedding businesses and vendors.

However, when a user books a vendor they discovered through The Wildlife Wedding, the vendor’s specific ‘Refund & Cancellation’ policy takes precedence for those bookings. If the vendor has not explicitly shared their policy, we strongly recommend checking it before finalizing the booking.

The Wildlife Wedding retains the authority to restrict, either entirely or partially, access for certain users and to cancel, suspend, block, edit, or delete specific types of content. Additionally, we may cancel user accounts in cases where the Website is misused and The Wildlife Wedding becomes aware that the activity or stored information is unlawful or infringes upon the rights or property of others. This includes instances of plagiarism, among other violations.